'The Watcher' - a brief look at this key concept of self-awareness

‘The Watcher’ – a brief look at this key concept of self-awareness

Z Newell is available for speaking engagements, tailoring his inspiring talks to varying groups ranging from High School and College Students to Adults in varying professions and walks of life. His talks include some of the following topics:

  • ‘The Watcher’ – Introducing a key tool of self-awareness  for personal growth and development
  • Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs to Create YOUR Magnificent Life! (sample above)
  • Mastering Self-Awareness: How to Escape Your Thinking Before It Overtakes You
  • Decreasing Fear and Stress and Stepping into Self-Confidence!
  • Accessing Your Emotions  & Letting Authenticity Serve You
  • What It Really Means to Be a Man in Today’s World
  • Mission, Passion & Purpose: Leading Your Life with Intention

For Z, it is never too late to change, especially with the aid of ‘The Watcher’ on your side (a tool of self-awareness referred to in Z’s novel BRINK: Don’t Go Back to Sleep). His sense of humor about life, and his genuine compassion and caring about people are evident in all of his talks. Z’s personal mission is “I co-create a vibrant world by inspiring people’s Magnificence!”

For more information on Z’s availability and what might fit for your group, please CLICK HERE  to complete the our Speaking Engagement Questionnaire so that we may best serve your group’s interests with the most relevant and inspiring topic!